We will be using three elements to assess your progress along your doctoral studies:

  • the reports of your tutor and supervisors.
  • the doctoral student’s activity report (DAD).
  • your research plan.

First-year students’ research plans must be presented before 15 July 2022. Presentations will be scheduled between 5 and 16 September 2022.


The DADs and the reports from supervisors and tutor must be presented before 15 July 2022. DADs and research plans must be presented through the platform of the enrollment university of each student.


Doctoral student’s activity report (DAD)

The DAD is a document describing all the activities undertaken by each doctoral candidate. It includes scientific outputs (papers, working papers, book chapters, etc.), scholarships, attendance to scholarly conferences, and any other activity related with your doctoral research.



Research plan

During the first year of studies, you are requested to develop and present a research plan, which will be a third evaluation input of your activity.

The research plan must include the following:

Identification data (on title page):

  • University of enrollment
  • Name of the doctoral candidate
  • Thesis supervisor(s) and tutor
  • Delivery date
  • Title of the research plan

An abstract of 100-150 words

Research plan contents:

  1. Definition of the problem or topic under investigation
  2. Research question(s) and research objectives
  3. Working hypothesis, if necessary
  4. Methodology, work plan, calendar and resources for carrying out the research
  5. Results and expected contributions
  6. Bibliographic references

The contents of the research plan must be supported by a literature review regarding the research question and objectives, working hypotheses and methodology.

The maximum length of the document is 30 pages in 12 point font or equivalent, and single spaced, excluding bibliographic references.

You will present this research plan to a committee of three members. The academic commission will designate a committee for each presented research plan according to the following criteria:

  • at least two of the three members of the committee must be members of the academic commission.
  • at most one member of the committee can be one of the professors of the programme who does not belong to the academic committee, depending on the contents of the research plan.
  • at least two members of each tribunal must be from a different university from which the student is enrolled.